John Boyega

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, filmed in 2017 featuring English actor John Boyega as “Finn”, left us on the edge of our seats with constant pummeling from the First Order. The Resistance was down to one ship. We were left with an ounce of hope and a bit of positive enthusiasm. What happens now? Star War fans all over the world will get their answer in the newest episode of the Star Wars trilogy. “Hold on, we are in for a big ride and surprise”, hints John Boyega. Messages on Instagram and other sources lets us in on a few secrets brewing in episode 9. He hints of a big time jump, and the fact that he grew his hair for the filming, which wrapped up in February of 2019. What does his hair have to do with it? We’ll find out. John Boyega also let us in on the fact that we are in store for some spectacular visual effects. This is not surprising, considering the special effect talents of Lucasfilm Ltd. Very exciting, and something we can all look forward to. ‎In the prior Star Wars episode “The Force Awakens”, John Boyega became a well known force as a first order storm trooper known as Finn. His proper name technically is “Designation FN-2187”. Once again John Boyega returns as the beloved Finn in “Star Wars: Episode IX” scheduled for release in December of 2019.