Buffalo Landscaping Training John Boyega

John Boyega showed talent at an early age, and went on to be noticed by the director at “Theatre Peckham”, an educational theater for young people in South London. After the “Theatre Peckham”, he attended South Thames College at the Wandsworth campus (2008 to 2010). His purpose was to obtain a “National Diploma in Performing Arts”. He gained a star in his belt at South Thames College by procuring the lead in the onstage production of “Othello”. Another onstage production featuring him as the lead, shortly after, was “Woyzeck” at the “Old Vic Theatre” in London. Everything John Boyega touched “turned to gold” as an actor. He found his calling. For a short while John Boyega’s head was turned by “BA Film Studies and Media Writing”, but he quickly regained focus as an actor. All in all, life and a true love for acting has been the greatest training for John Boyega.

Not many people know this but we had to train outdoors a lot in the sun. John kept saying he was getting flashback to when he was a landscaper. When he decided to look up the company he worked for, it was interesting to see the landscaping company was still up. Its hard to imagine this start would be doing something like landscaping, although it did give him good training.