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Posted by Mouza on December 15, 2017

John & his The Last Jedi co-stars stopped by The Graham Norton show a couple of days ago where they talked about the movie as much as they can to avoid spoiling anything. Check out the photos and videos from the interview.


Posted by Mouza on December 03, 2017


This past March, after shooting “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” “Detroit” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising” almost back-to-back-to-back, John Boyega didn’t immediately jump onto the next studio tentpole that came his way or consider taking a vacation. Instead, he went back to his roots to recharge. He starred in a new incarnation of Georg Büchner ‘s “Woyzeck” in London’s West End to “just get warmed up again.”

“Theater is a great opportunity where you can mix day-to-day work with the training,” Boyega says. “You go back to learning about your voice, about pitch, about diction. You go back to the basics of what an actor is, and the basic training for me was just trying to get both at a time I was really busy.”

The 25-year-old actor had just five days off between Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars” installment and Kathryn Bigelow’s historical drama “Detroit,” which came out in August. At no point during our interview did Boyega ever roll his eyes, but when asked if it was hard to transition so quickly between such starkly different projects his answer seemed to convey a similar reaction.

“They are so distinct. It’s a no-brainer, really. Space. Detroit,” Boyega says with a slight smile. “Some actors make it sound more complicated than it really is, man. You have a set project with two different narratives. The costumes and creative team are different. They are also distinctly professional in their own rights, that makes it an easier transition for you.” [Source]

Posted by Mouza on December 03, 2017


Six of the season’s top stars — also including John Boyega, Gary Oldman, Sam Rockwell and Willem Dafoe — sound off on everything from dealing with nerves (“I’ve worked with people who vomit every night”) to fending off aggressive suitors (“There are predators absolutely everywhere”).

Actors are used to pretending they’re other people. But what if they were able to switch lives, or at least jobs? “[I’d do] some brand of daily journalism, like a column,” says Tom Hanks, 61, who plays legendary newspaper editor Ben Bradlee in The Post. “Goings-on about town, that kind of thing. I’d like that.”

James Franco (The Disaster Artist), 39, also likes writing, which he has done in numerous forms. John Boyega (Detroit), 25, opts for architecture; Willem Dafoe (The Florida Project), 62, for being a cook or a farmer; Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour), 59, for continuing his offscreen passion: “My hobby is 19th century wet-plate photography. I could do that until the end of time.” But Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), 49, says he has no other options, except “pumping gas. I got no plan B. I don’t have any skills, man.” [Source]

Posted by Mouza on December 03, 2017

John, alongside his Star Wars co-stars stopped by Jimmy Kimmel a couple of days ago where they spent the time trying to not talk about the upcoming movie to avoid spoilers. Check out the photos and videos from the interview.


Posted by Mouza on December 01, 2017

John was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a couple of days ago where he talked about The Last Jedi and The Royal family.


Posted by Mouza on November 29, 2017

John made an appearance this morning on Live with Kelly & Ryan where he talked about his upcoming movie & his next vacation that he’s planning.

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In person, John Boyega carries himself with an assuredness that could be mistaken for self-­importance. He’s one of those actors who look as tall and sturdy in real life as they do onscreen. He fills whatever room he happens to be in with inviting, boisterous chatter, thanks, no doubt, to years of voice training on the English stage. And he’s dead certain he’s going to be a big, big movie star.

I first meet Boyega in a cramped hallway at ABC Studios in Manhattan in July. We barely manage a hurried handshake as he proceeds in Aaron Sorkin–like strides toward a nearby stage. His publicist and his sister—who also acts as his assistant and is Googling where they can find British pub food in New York—are drafting in his wake. I watch off set as Boyega sits down with the hosts of Live With Kelly and Ryan, his first of three interviews for the day. Each sit-down requires the same thing of the 25-year-old Brit: promoting his latest film, Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit, about the city’s 1967 riots, and expounding on the state of race relations in neat, 30-second sound bites. Naturally, interviewers also want to ask about his other new movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, coming out in December. If the challenge of figuring out how to discuss Black Lives Matter and lightsabers in the same breath weighs on him, Boyega doesn’t show it. “I see what I do in part as creating change through art,” he tells me. “Sometimes that responsibility can feel like a burden, but it’s not. It pushes you to find your purpose in the world.” [source]